All prices include delivery and installation unless specified otherwise.

Natural Native Mulch $54 /yd

  • Made from ground local hard woods
  • Good for flowerbeds, around trees
  • No dyes
Natural Mulch
Natural, Native Tree Mulch - $54/yard Delivered & Installed (3 yard minimum)

Cedar Mulch $74 /yd

  • 100% ground cedar tree
  • Golden color
  • Good insect repellant
  • Good for flowerbeds, playgrounds, and picnic areas
Cedar Mulch

Red Native Mulch $66 /yd

  • Dyed hardwood mulch (water-based)
  • Decorative
  • Good for flowerbeds as a contrast color
Red Mulch

Pecan Mulch $80 /yd

  • Made from pecan shells
  • Helps lower soil ph
  • Improves soil drainage
Tan Mulch

Black Native Mulch $66 /yd

  • Dyed hardwood mulch (water-based)
  • Good for contrast color against trees and shrubs
  • Good in flowerbeds
Black Mulch

Brown Native Mulch $66 /yd

  • Dyed hardwood mulch (water-based)
  • Good for flowerbeds
Brown Mulch

Kiddie Cushion $74 /yd

Kiddie Cushion Mulch